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Small Flat-Faced Magnets

     Round and Rectangular Flat-Faced Electromagnets are available in a variety of sizes. Flat-Faced magnets should only be used on flat, smooth material where the entire magnet face is in contact. Can be used in manually operated or automated applications. Magnets listed utilize D.C. current. Pounds pull ratings are maximum on low carbon steel at magnetic saturation.

Small Flat-Faced Electromagnets


Small Bi-Polar Eletromagnets

Small Bi-Polar Magnets

     The magnetic field of bi-polar magnets have a greater "reach-out" than that of flat-faced electromagnets. For this reason, they perform better than equivalent flat-face magnets when operating rough an air gap or any type of non-magnetic material between the work-piece and the magnet. Bi-polars, due to their extended poles, are designed to handle round parts, parts with uneven surfaces, and odd shaped parts. Contoured, auxiliary pole shoes can be added for better contact with the work-piece.



Transverse Pole Chuck
Transverse Pole Chuck 

The poles of this chuck run across the chuck from side to side. Pole spacing in the smaller chucks, up to 10" x 24", is generally 1/4" magnetic steel and 1/16" nonmagnetic stainless steel. Pole spacing of 1/4" magnetic and 1/8" nonmagnetic steel is used in the larger chucks.


Longitudinal Pole Chuck
Longitudinal Pole Chuck 

The poles of this chuck run the length of the chuck from end to end. Pole spacing up to 24" long is generally 1/4" magnetic steel and 1/16" nonmagnetic stainless steel. Pole spacing of 1/4" magnetic steel and 1/8" nonmagnetic stainless steel is used for larger chucks. Top plates on both chucks are furnace brazed, making the magnetic and nonmagnetic steel into ...one solid, water tight unit.


Machining Chuck
Machining Chuck 

The Magnetool Extra Power electromagnetic chuck has a coil for each pole. The extra power makes this a good chuck for milling, shaping and heavy stock removal. It is made to order in practically any size required.


Rectifier-Controllers (manual)
Rectifier-Controllers (Manual)

Elecromagnets require direct current power for operation. Whether used in manual or automated handling of ferrous parts, they must release the work as readily as they attract and hold. Release is a function of the rectifier and not the magnet. These rectifiers incorporate a provision for reverse current that insures positive release of even those alloy steels which are magnetically retentive. Variable power and remote control are available. Magnetool rectifiers and rectifier-controllers are designed to provide reliable D.C. power for industrial electromagnets and electromagnetic chucks.

MA Series The MA Series rectifier controllers are designed for heavy duty use and feature an oil-tight enclosure, an isolation transformer with dual voltage single phase input and a customer accessible terminal connection strip. All units utilize a 3 position toggle type control switch (On-Off-Release) mounted on the enclosure. Variable power and remote control options are available. Consult factory for custom applications.

Rectifier-Controllers (Automated)

AU (Automatic Release) Series 

     Series Rectifier Controllers, with solid state circuitry, provide the rapid cycling and quick, clean release necessary for high speed automated magnetic equipment. Ideal for robotics or "pick and place" applications. D.C. magnet control is accomplished by means of an A.C. input signal or pilot switch. The pilot switch or signal source can be a considerable distance from the rectifier without introducing a voltage drop in the magnet circuit. A SPST switch, limit switch, or PLC output can be used to operate the rectifier. When a manual switch is used, operator judgment is not required to "Time Out" the release cycle because the cycle is completely automatic. An adjustable, timed pulse of reverse current to the magnet effectively releases the load.
     Enclosures are J.l.C., oil-tight and non-ventilated.


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