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Improved Design     Rugged Construction Plastic 
Case - Stainless Steel Available

     An effective, rapid means of lifting small iron and steel parts from stock bins, boxes, kegs, tables, or floor. Smooth, uninterrupted side surfaces allow fast, easy burrowing into loose materials. A fingertip pull on the release bar drops the load. The standard units have a nylon lower case. A stainless steel lower case is available for hot or very abrasive material


Simple Cam Action breaks magnetic circuit between magnet and load for easy unloading


Permanent Magnet Lifts

     There is never a power failure with Magnetool lifts. Because Permanent magnets supply the lifting force, they are always ready to go to work. Never any loss of power. Never need remagnetizing. Not dependent upon outside power source.

     This safe, permanent magnetic lifting device is lightweight per pound of lifting capacity. Easily portable for use indoors or outdoors. Perfected to handle smooth-surfaced, heavy, solid ferrous blocks.


Model 688

Magnetic Claw 

     Powerful magnets five you a positive grip on steel sheets and plates. Designed primarily for sliding and pulling. Not to be used for lifting. Push handle forward to release work.


Typical floater fans out steel sheets for one-at-a-time handling.

     Permanent Magnet 
Sheet Steel Floaters

     These floaters make sheet steel handling a one-man job - Save up to 50% on labor. Make handling safer. Reduce risk of injury to personnel. 
     Magnetool floaters separate stacks of painted, enameled, polished, or oily steel sheets one piece at a time, for better handling. They eliminated prying, scratching, marring, and bending or costly stock. Protect expensive dies, punches, shears, and forming equipment.
     1/8" thick stainless steel skid bars assure long service by reducing friction drag. Magnets completely enclosed to protect against tampering and dirt. Separator should be 1" higher than stack of work pieces.


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Magnetic Blocks

Many Uses     Never Need Remagnetizing 

     Multiple-pole magnetic blocks have unlimited uses. Blocks have mounting holes* for attaching to surfaces where magnetic holding devices are needed. blocks may also be drilled and tapped for fastening to spotlights, shop work-lights, service lights, nozzles, indicators, etc. Simple cam or jack-screw release can be supplied. 

*Holes drilled and counter-bored for 10-32 screw.


Magnetic Rails

     Whenever magnetic power is needed for holding ferrous metals in any form, and tolerances are not critical, these rails should be considered. Many applications, from holding parts on conveyor systems to serving as magnetic tool racks.


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Bi-Polar Assemblies

     Magnetool bi-polar assemblies can be used for holding and transferring parts, for aligning pieces during welding operations, and as the holding elements on paint racks. All-welded constructions with a stainless-steel cover. No epoxy. Withstand considerable abuse and temperatures up to 600°F.


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Alnico Assemblies

     Alnico assemblies are used where heat is a factor. They withstand temperatures of 850°F without appreciable loss of power. They should be insulated with a non-ferrous sleeve such as aluminum or brass when pressed into steel.


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Ceramic Assemblies


     Ceramic assemblies use a ferrite magnet encased with epoxy in an aluminum cup. They should not be used in temperatures higher than 180º because of the epoxy. They can be pressed into steel without any further insulation. 


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Rotary Magnetic Sweepers

Efficient • Easy To Clean

     The ideal magnetic tool for picking iron or steel particles from floors, driveways or other areas. Easy to maintain. Never needs to be remagnetized. Magnetool sweepers have great pickup and carrying capacity, using entire 360 surface of rotating 1-1/8" aluminum tube. Picked up material easily unloaded by moving wiper ring from one end to the other.

Heavy Duty Magnetic Sweeper
Heavy Duty Magnetic Sweepers

     Designed and built to do massive jobs of keeping driveways, yard, parking areas, and plant floors free of tramp iron. The permanent magnets in these sweepers are so powerful they will attract tramp iron from a distance of three to five inches. Bottom of the sweeper consists of two stainless steel plates hinged along the back edge. Depressing the handle pivots the top plate and magnets away from the stationary bottom plate, dropping collected scrap. See picture The sweeper can be towed behind a fork lift or truck. A tow bar is substituted for the handle. An upright release lever allows cleaning without unhooking from the truck. Specify handle or tow-bar model.



High Power Standard Pole 

Standard Pole Permanent Magnet Chuck

Standard Pole

     Permanent magnet chucks are built using high power Ceramic V magnets. Top plates of 3/8 inch magnetic steel and 3/8 inch nonmagnetic stainless steel are furnace brazed, making a solid, one piece construction. They can be drilled to a depth equal to the thickness of the top plate minus 1/8 inch . Drilling or machining can be done between poles or anywhere in the top plate except where the screws secure the plate to the base. There are no magnets in the top plate.
Handles on all permanent magnetic chucks are removable.

Fine Pole Permanent Magnet Chuck

Fine Pole

    This chuck has poles of 1/8" magnetic steel and 1/8" nonmagnetic stainless steel. The top plate is furnace brazed, making a solid, one piece unit. It can be drilled or machined to a depth equal to the thickness of the top plate minus 1/8". Machining can be done between poles or anywhere in the top plate except where the screws secure the plate to the base. The magnetic circuit allows excellent holding of thin work as well as the power necessary to hold large work pieces.


High Power rotary Magnet Chucks

High Power Rotary Magnet Chucks

     Rotary chucks operate the same as the rectangular chucks and are of the same construction with poles running off the edge. Top plates on all models are of magnetic steel and nonmagnetic stainless furnace brazed construction. Ideally rotating spindles. To withstand the high torque of used on lathes, grinders and other machinery with heavy lathe cuts, dowel pins or screws may be inserted in the top plate. Chuck top plates may be machined for work with odd configurations or an auxiliary plate may be added and removed for other work, leaving the original plate intact. The ST series is not water-tight and should not be used with coolant. Handles are removable.



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