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Biax Power Scrapers


Five times faster than hand scraping.


For scraping accuracy nothing beats the
Biax Power Scraper.


Great for re-manufacturing and MRO applications.


Quick and easy to use - reduces fatigue.


Adapts to individual operator techniques.


More accurate than hand scraping.


Use with confidence on MRO & OEM applications.


Use on cast steel, sort or hard cast iron, malleable
cast iron, non-ferrous materials and more.

Five unique models are available to suit your specific need:

7ESM Heavy electronic model for heavy roughing, work on large machines and equipment.  Scraping of hardened steel guide ways.  Large turbine housings, drives, pumps, valves.  Heavy-Duty bullwork model.  Extension handle included.


7ELM All purpose, medium-weight electronic model.   Roughing, semi-finish and finish scraping.  Oil-tight or steam-tight scraping.   Dovetail and Vee-way scraping.  Uprights, cross-rails, harder-to-reach areas.   "Scraping Technique 40".  Machine tool maintenance and repair.   Our all purpose workhorse for medium to larger work.


BL-10 All purpose, light-weight electronic model.  The ideal scraper for square, Vee and dovetail ways.  Highest quality bearing points and finish on surface plates and master plates.  Light weight and compact design make this model particularly suitable for rough to finish scraping of cast steel, cast iron, brass and way-liner material.  Our all purpose model for medium to smaller work.


7DLM All-purpose, single-speed airdrive model.  Used on applications where airdrive is desired or necessary (danger of explosion).  Same application as the 7ELM model.  Single stroke speed.  Often used for special applications in chemical, plastics, food industries to scrape off hardened resin or coating residue, etc.  Muffler/air silencer included.


HM-10 Half-moon pattern electronic model.  Scraping of half-moon oil-pocket patterns for slide way lubrication or to break up friction and "stick-slip" on precision machined flat surfaces and ways.  Pattern creates pleasing appearance and assured good surface lubrication with better wear characteristics.    Rescraping of worn ways to reestablish lubrication, prevent further wear.   Our "Flaker" or "Spotter" model.


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