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Servopress Indexing Tables
Unparalleled Indexing Repeatability

     ServoPress Indexing Tables offer superior indexing accuracy and repeatability, extremely rapid index times for high production applications and precise locking with Ball or Hirth couplings.  High quality indexing mechanisms wear in instead of wear out.   Drives available in electric, pneumatic, hydraulic or combination.

Walter Rotary Table

Walter Rotary Tables
High Performance Compact Power

Walter Rotary Tables and NC indexers feature high accuracy and modular design with large through hole, high brake torque and extremely small foot print.  Walter tables are available in multi-spindle and multi-axis configurations and are the ideal choice for the most demanding high precision applications.

Superior Clamping Capacities

HydraVise is the rugged answer for jobs requiring high clamping force in a low profile large jaw capacity vise - up to 15" between jaws.  Tons of pressure (up to 17,600 lbs.) can be easily applied with minimal operator effort using the pressure intensified spindle.


Allmatic Vises
Holds Any Job Just Right

When you need pre-set holding sensitivity, close tolerance part location or intensified holding power, only the best vise will do it all - Allmatic.
Allmatic vises provide part repeatability with .0002", holding pressures that are repeatable and can be pre-set from 0 to over 12,000 lbs.
Avoid deformed parts, insure constant holding pressure and guarantee part location.   Put the world's best workholding tools on the job.  Allmatic vise and tombstone systems.  We hold any job just right.

High Precision Multiple Clamping

Allmatic multiple workholding assemblies for high precision machining of up to 5 sides in one clamping.  Parts positioning repeatability to .0002" with large jaw selection for internal and external clamping.  A broad range of tombstone configurations are available to suit varying work envelope requirements.


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